>>who we are.

isiray Europe is your premium supplier of X-ray inspection systems. isiray designs and offers state of the art products and solutions to meet the demand of global standards, features and quality.  

No matter how your QA demands increase in the future: We will be your reliable partner. Our mission is to ensure food safety by realizing the true potential of QA on the highest achievable level: Go beyond with isiray. 


  • good sensitivity and stability
  • low energy consumption
  • reasonably priced
  • easy operation

isiray X-ray inspection system IXE-1815, IXE-2815, IXE-3815

high configurationseries

  • high sensitivity and accuracy
  • high level hygienic design
  • self-learning algorithm
  • HD resolution

isiray X-ray inspection system RXI-2410, RXI-4016, RXI-5025, RXI-6030

side beamseries

  • single, double, triple side beam
  • adjustable point of view
  • for jars, bottles, tins etc.
  • avoids blind areas

bulk & pipeseries

  • high capacity bulk system, up to 72 air-valve rejector for less waste
  • pipe system for fluid and semi-fluid product, integrated in sealed pipes

>>why X-ray.

X-ray inspection detects physical objects that cannot be identified visually. Unlike traditional metal detectors X-ray technology is able to detect in processed food operations metallic contaminants even smaller than one millimeter and also non-metallic contaminants (hard plastic, hard rubber, bones, ceramic, glass, stones etc.). It can inspect non-metallic and metallic packaging like cans or clipped products. Inspection is not affected by temperature, humidity, vibrations, salt content etcApplications are constantly expanding for this powerful technology, which is not only used for detecting contaminants. Additionally, also defects in shape, quantity and other aspects are identified. 

Consequently, X-ray has been becoming the new safety standard for the food industry.  

of the top 100 European food companies have identified X-ray as their technology of choice when it comes to product safety
of the top 50 European retail chains have been making this technology mandatory for their food suppliers
machines installed worldwide
regional agencies

>>why isiray.

isiray offers the complete range of X-ray inspection systems starting from favorably priced entry-models, high configuration models and class-leading ultrahigh definition models.  

We meet our customers’ needs whatever the challenge: Single energy, double or triple beam for glass-in-glass detection, bulk production, inline pipe systems or special applications.  

All machines are equipped with intuitive software and several quality-assurance applications you expect from a premium QA solution 

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>>high configuration hardware.  

For all our machines we only use high-end components, i.a.